The Olive tree is the absolute symbol of peace and victory.

As the prize given at the Olympic Games, it has been linked throughout
history with the Games and the values that they present.
May the ideal of the Olympic Games which return to their home, the land of Athens that honoured the peace - bearing olive, inspire all the athletes of the world.

Protected Designation of Origin of high quality KOLYMVARI CHANIA CRETE extra virgin olive oil from the Kolymvari COOP  has been used for the nutrition of athletes during the winter Olympic games in Nagano Japan.

Carbohydrates are the premium source of energy for muscular activity.
However, the body's reserves are quite modest and it is therefore necessary to draw on lipid reserves to be able to continue activity.  
   During intense, short-lived activity, the contribution of carbohydrates increases.    
   However, if intense physical activity is lengthy, lipid consumption gradually rises until it accounts for 70 or 80% of the energy source.
This explains why people who practice sports tolerate a high-fat diet better than those who lead a sedentary life.

  Photo taken from "Life Magazine" : Recovered from a bone spur in his heel, Joe DiMaggio strokes a double in the 1949 All-Star game.

The American Rockefeller Institute carried out research between 1948 and 1957 among the inhabitants of Crete, and declared in its report:

"The Cretan diet consists mainly of vegetarian products such as cereals, vegetables, fruits and olive oil. The consumption of olive oil is the main reason for the low number of cardiac disorders among the inhabitants of the island."